The Guest List is a new list on the ballot for the Student Parliament Election. We’re tired of boring student politicians and issues far away from students’ lives. We want to fight for the issues close to home. It’s time for student politics about the students. We will focus on what the Student Parliament doesn’t talk about. The Guest List wants to work with the things students regularly meets.


Gjestelista fights for, amongst many:

  • No obligatory lectures before 10AM.
  • Vinmonopol and sex clinics on Blindern.
  • No exams 2., 3., 18. og 19. of May.
  • Escalator in Frederikke.
  • Student housing on Tørteberg.
  • Better social inclusion of International students – also together with natives!
  • Use the courses on Frigg on students, not children.
  • On-site therapy dogs on all exams.
  • Allow dogs in student homes.
  • Bridge over Forskningsparken T.
  • Carnival in Fysikkbakken once every year.

Contact us if you want to know more or if you want to contribute!


Love, Simen, leader of The Guest List